Our Circle of Light

Reverend Sherry Wynne

I have been in the New Thought movement for more than 40 years. I had numerous experiences with the non-material world since early childhood leaving me with many unanswered questions. So began a lifetime inquiry into consciousness and my relationship to the Divine. In the late 70’s I was introduced to Paramahansa Yoganandas teachings and The Self Realization Fellowship. In 1980 I found Religious Science and the next step in my own personal evolution. The education I received through Religious Science was extraordinary and helped me understand my relationship to the inner and outer world in a profound way. I received my Practitioner RSCP License and Certificate of Ordination as a Minister through Emerson Theological Institute.

I’m certified in the third degree of Reiki and am a Trager Practitioner through The Trager Institute for Psychophysical Integration and Mentastics. Developing my intuitional nature has supported my purpose which is: To be in service to the Holy One in all Life.

It’s been my joy to be in service to help create two Spiritual Communities that are collaborative rather than led by a single Minister. I love to teach, speak, lead seminars and to serve. I know it takes a village to support the high ideals we hold and it’s an honor to be part of The Amani Center.

Reverend Pixie Dufour

Rev. Pixie Dufour, who currently participates within the Ministerial Council at The Amani Center in Cameron Park, CA, is an Ordained Independent, Interfaith and Religious Science Minister who began her journey with the Centers for Spiritual Living in 1995, served as a Licensed Practitioner for many years, is a Credentialed Meditation facilitator, Spiritual Life Coach and Master Reiki Practitioner.

She came to Religious Science desiring to understand the principles of Science of Mind (SOM) and has had many demonstrations since then crediting the expansion of consciousness received through these teachings.

Rev. Pixie currently works full time with a County Office of Education and has been employed there since 1998.

There is nothing that she loves more than to watch the miraculous results of Spirit show up in the day to day life of those with whom she prays.

Ministerial Intern Mitch Austin, Center Director

Mitch has been a student of new thought principles for over 20 years. He has been serving as an active licensed practitioner for more than seven years and is currently in the Holmes Institute Spiritual Leadership and Consciousness studies working towards his ministerial license. 

Mitch’s greatest passion is supporting others to deepen their relationship with themselves and Spirit. He is the creator and teacher of two popular courses Rise & Speak and Taming Your Inner Critic. Mitch speaks regularly in the Sacramento region at new thought churches, teaches spiritual development courses and has a successful spiritual coaching practice. 

Reverend Belinda Owens, RScP, SLC

I am currently engaged in the Ministerial Council at the Amani Center.

I have participated in this beautiful, beloved Center, from which the Amani Center evolved, for over 20 years. I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, having received my Bachelors of Religious Studies and Ministerial Credential from the Emerson Theological Institute. In addition, I am a Religious Science certified Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Meditation teacher and I head up the Circle of Light Practitioners group.

My passion however is teaching the Advanced Curriculum courses here at the Amani Center; cultivating a knowingness of the Divine within you and assisting you on your Spiritual journey. How may I serve you?

Reverend Cindy Owens

A graduate of Emerson Theological Institute and the Spiritual Center for Positive Living Academy, Cindy Owens is an Interfaith Minister and spiritual pluralist.  She has spent much of her life studying ancient wisdom traditions and new thought teachings. 

 Cindy is also a New Thought Licensed Practitioner who has participated in various ceremonies at the Amani Center and the Spiritual Center for Positive Living.  She is moved to share her spiritual learnings through delivering Sunday talks, conducting life stage ceremonies and individual affirmative prayer sessions in order to bring forth the Divine light within all. 

Patricia Souza, RScP

I am a retired educator. During my 38 year career in education I served as teacher, principal and superintendent. After retirement, I was a consultant to school districts and school administrators throughout California in the areas of personnel relations issues and legal rules, regulations and responsibilities.

In 2004 I discovered the teachings of Ernest Holmes and joined a Science of Mind community. I completed the five-year study offered by the Spiritual Center for Positive Living and received my certification as a Science of Mind Practitioner. In my continuing study, I completed the class requirements for a Ministerial certification.

Since I joined the Spiritual Center for Positive Living (Amani Center) in 2004 I have served the community as a practitioner, academy teacher, board president, circle of light member and have served on many planning and implementation committees.

Being a member of this community has changed my life. I have found joy in the teachings of the masters both ancient and current, and have developed relationships that enhance my life every single day. The sacred work of the practitioner in service to the community is an ongoing privilege, for which I am grateful.

Marci Mitchell, Director of the Sunday Experience

Marci Mitchell is The Amani Center Director and a New Thought Practitioner. She is also a 3rd generation Native Californian, an Army veteran, and a Realtor with Lyon Real Estate in Cameron Park, California where she lives with her wonderful husband Frank. They have two amazing kids, Patrick (25) and Hershel (23) as well as 1 rescue dog and 1 rescue cat. Marci also serves on the board of another local Non-Profit called Cour Experience which teaches life skills to Gen Zers. It was formed as a result of a class at the Amani Center. Marci is passionate about learning and sharing the truth of our own Divinity, perfection and power in a world that can so benefit from this loving message. She is incredibly grateful for the Amani Center and its amazing community.

Yuli Rodriguez

Yuli has her Master’s Degree in Psychology and has been a Psychology Professor at Folsom Lake College for the past 15 years. She is also a Certified Religious Science Practitioner at the Amani Center. In addition to her formal training and experience, Yuli has had a life filled with opportunities for growth. She is visually impaired and her disability has made her the strong and compassionate person she is today.

Yuli lives and breathes the belief that each and every one of us has the power to make the permanent changes we seek to live the life we desire with healthy, bodies, minds, and souls!

Yuli is a captivating speaker, compassionate practitioner and a force for good on the planet and at Amani.

Rebekah Dugan, RScP

My study of New Thought principles began over 40 yrs. ago with the teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and later Ernest Holmes. These master teachers confirmed my feeling that we are All connected as One; for the first time I felt seen and heard!

As a Unity Prayer chaplain and now as a practitioner, it is my humble honor to hold you in the Truth of your Divinity, knowing you are whole, perfect, and complete. The green growing edge of my becoming continues with graduate studies in Spirituality and Cosmic consciousness. Previous degrees include  Social welfare, and travel and tourism; I am certified as a Quantum coach. and trained in Chinese Energy medicine and critical incident stress management.

Reverend Angie Gann

Angie is an experienced and dedicated practitioner. It is her greatest delight to meet people where they are on their path and assist them to the next step for them, facilitating for them personal and spiritual transformation. Angie is a ministerial intern currently studying with Emerson Institute to obtain her ministerial qualification and to obtain her bachelors degree in spiritual studies.

Angie also serves as leadership for the Amani center currently serving as Vice President for the Board of directors who served in birthing the Amani Center into the place of service that it is today.

Kathi Wilson

I have a BA in Psychology with a  minor in Philosophy. This got me interested in religion so I took some classes in  world religions, which led me to learning about spirituality and how it supports a  person in growing psychologically and spiritually. This became a great passion of mine. I also have a certificate from UCLA in personnel  management and was, for more than 5 years, a certified Alcohol and Drug  counselor. I found religious science at 8 years clean and sober, during a  particularly dark time in my life. Although I had some resistance, I stuck with it  and later, after many years, graduated as a practitioner in 2008. I have had the  blessing of being a practitioner in Arizona, Colorado, and 3 churches in California.  I have been at Amani for 9 months and absolutely love everyone there as well as being an active member and serving the community.