Our Production Team

Julie Stutz

I have been a member of The Amani Center since 2012 where I have built lasting bonds with an amazing community of people. Volunteering to be part of The Ascension house band has been a great privilege and joy of mine.

Music has always been a big part of my life, I find it very uplifting and reflective. I enjoy the friendships from over the years with the musicians while learning from them through their passion for music. Blending harmony’s of the talented vocalists we have had over the years, along with the variety of instruments the musicians have brought in has been very fulfilling. I look forward to every Sunday that I get to raise my vibration with the Ascension Band along with the message from our guest speaker!

Chris Seri

I have had a love for music since I was a kid. This love inspired a sense of curiosity about radios and how they work, which then led me to electronics and my career path. The message taught here at Amani really resonates with me and I hope to see it shared with whomever is open minded enough to take it to heart. If you do, it can be a life changing experience. I love our band, Ascension, and being able to assist them to bring their music, by managing the sound technology and equipment in the space. That is my gift to the center – to be able to bring forth my talents so that all can enjoy the music and message at Amani. I am grateful to serve.

Jeremy Olson

I’m a physicist turned engineer….that’s not a complete picture, of course, but it’s a good thumbnail sketch. Before I came to Amani/SCPL, I was a dedicated agnostic…I was 100% confident that nobody could predict with any accuracy what may happen after we died. I also had some trouble connecting with people…I wasn’t sure how, and I wasn’t very interested anyway in general. The only reason I wanted to come to Amani was to have a scheduled meditation each week, really.

Of course I found more than I expected. I found an opportunity to play music again. I took Rev. Liz’s Still-Small-Voice class, and I started reading about NDE’s. NDE’s fascinated me…I became convinced that an afterlife is extremely likely, that death is likely a pleasant process, that our purpose here is basically to be kind to one another. For some reason this knowledge awakened a joy in making connections, and freed within me extra reserves of patience and kindness; it was easier for me to be a better man, and it transitioned as fast as a light switch turning on.

My family is my greatest treasure. My wife Mila plays flute at a professional level, and teaches music for the Rescue elementary school district. She’s my best friend. We have three girls, Lilia (11), Jenna (8), and Ella (5). We have a cozy house on too much acreage in Shingle Springs. It’s full of dogs, cats, music, good food, and laughter. In other words, I feel very lucky.

Steve Andrews

Steve, his wife Nicole, and children Adelina (13) and Charlotte (5) are new to The Amani Center as of 2020. Led to spirituality by Nicole, Steve has embraced his spirituality in a big way in 2020.
Originally from the UK, Steve has lived an interesting life, living in France, Germany and Spain during his undergraduate education, before completing an MBA in Marketing Management in California. He was actually a contestant on Deal or No Deal in the UK back in 2007, just before he moved to the USA (Ask him how much he won!).

Steve and his wife Nicole run a Marketing, Training and Coaching Agency that serves multiple markets including Dentists, although their passion lies in helping female entrepreneurs build great businesses.

Steve runs the Facebook Live Stream for the Amani Center and has helped the center stay connected with its audience during the great pause!

Kelly Webb

I am currently the vice president of the Board at The Amani Center. I have been a member at The Amani Centersince 2019. I am taking academy classes and other classes, working towards my practitioner certification. I am a Reiki Master, certifiedQigong practitioner and teacher and a certified holistic health coach.I’ve lived in El Dorado County for 44 years and worked for the County for 30. My desire has always been to be of service in my community. My husband Jim and I own Full Circle Martial & Healing Arts where we teach Taekwondo and Qigong. We are both 4th Degree Blackbelts in Taekwondo and currently working towards our 5th Degree.Jim and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. I love family, my dogs, being creative and enjoying my semi-retired life. I love to help others through my work and now through The Amani Center.

Marci Mitchell - Director of the Sunday Experience

Marci Mitchell is The Amani Center Director and a New Thought Practitioner. She is also a 3rd generation Native Californian, an Army veteran, and a Realtor with Lyon Real Estate in Cameron Park, California where she lives with her wonderful husband Frank. They have two amazing kids, Patrick (25) and Hershel (23) as well as 1 rescue dog and 1 rescue cat. 

Marci also serves on the board of another local Non-Profit called Cour Experience which teaches life skills to Gen Zers. It was formed as a result of a class at the Amani Center. Marci is passionate about learning and sharing the truth of our own Divinity, perfection and power in a world that can so benefit from this loving message. She is incredibly grateful for the Amani Center and its amazing community.